What would be the best method to create a "bridge" between a cellular hotspot (AP) and a ex6120 OpenWRT Extender/AP?

Hi there, as the title suggests I'm trying to figure out what the best method would be to configure a bridge between my Hotspot and a Netgear Ex6120 DAP running OpenWRT firmware?

I want clients that connect to my dap via ethernet to be able to access the hotspot's subnet.

Basically I have no need for 5ghz, I want to use the 2.4ghz radio to connect to the 2.4ghz hotspot via a bridging method.

Then my "client" device over ethernet will be a proper firewall it will be using the connection as a WAN..

Firewall and dhcp aren't gonna be needed either on the dap/Extender running OpenWRT, I would like to optimize the configuration as much as possible.

I have checked the wiki, and it mentions the use of WED, I'm not sure how to test if my Hotspot supports that or not. Any suggestions are welcome.

If someone could point me to the correct article or explain this process step by step that would be greatly appreciated.