What webcam model

i would like to buy a webcam for my openWRT router. What's models you suggest?


You will get better recommendations if you tell people

  • What router you're using
  • What the application is, including
    • What frame rates you need
    • What resolution you need
    • What the lighting on the scene is (for example, working in nighttime illumination is challenging)
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Ones that can definitely work will be IP-based cams able to pull raw frames via HTTP/HTTPS commands (provided you have enough CPU power in your router for the frames).

This is because it can be scripted.

Some cameras use proprietary protocols or are incompatible USB cams, so as @jeff noted, we need to know the use case in order to provide specific solutions.

How much are you willing to spend?

My router is Linksys wrt19000acs.
I'm not an expert on this, but at least full HD resolution, and if it's possible a night vision when i'm out. There is enough light during the day

I don't want a low-end camera

IP camera and remux the stream usinf ffmpeg if needed for serving to a frontend

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