What VDSL Modem is fine for vpn server?

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I used several ADSL2+ modems such as D-Link - TP_Link - Xiaomi - Zyxel and etc...
Now I need ADSL2+/VDSL2 Modem router with Enough Memory and CPU and It should Support PPTP/L2TP and the Important matter is support Openvpn Account to unrestrict websites .... I have Account from a provider so I would like set it on the router ... If modem also support IKEv2 VPN It would be very better! so OpenVPN and IKEv2 is very important to support.
Wich models You suggest to buy? Wifi is not important for me so If the Modem dont support Wifi and It's only Lan Version Its not worry because I have Powerful Wifi Routers at home.

Thanks for Advise and your suggestions.

How about a modem you can operate in full-bridge mode instead? Then your router can/will need to deliver all the services you want without the need to select a special modem.
Most modems supported by OpenWrt are rather old and not that powerful.

Yeah I need powerful Modem

BT Home Hub 5 Type A is a good model. Not too powerful, but decent overall. You can expect ~8mbps over OpenVPN and ~25mbps over WireGuard with it.

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I'm going out on a limb and say that all OpenWrt-supported DSL modem routers deliver that exact same performance. They all use virtually the same SoC, the Lantiq XRX200 platform.

So if this performance is good enough for you, any OpenWrt-supported DSL modem router will do (select based on secondary criteria, wifi and such, and availability). If not, you will have to look into what @moeller0 said, use a modem in bridge mode with a more powerful OpenWrt device behind.


This modem, could also be a modem running OpenWrt if need be, the idea here is to move all heavy computations tp a better suited host....

The VPN server doesn't have to be inside a main router or even directly bridged to the modem. By setting up routes and forwards in the main router any LAN device can serve as a VPN server accessible from the Internet. Typically a dedicated device with lots of CPU such as a Pi type computer, or if there is a PC that is switched on all the time anyway, run the VPN server within a VM on it.

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