What to do with older devices


I was wondering what to do with some old HW.
in my country they mostly sell router-modems and we are now on VDSL\FIBER so ADSL and ADSL2 are useless i think, also it's not like the old HW has better specs than newer one so it can't out perform it.
No idea what to do with it apart from trash.

Ideas welcome.

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Don't trash
Send to electronics recycling
Use as an access point


Sell on ebay

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Install OpenWrt and use as a managed network switch.


By trash i meant electronics recycling
I already have a good router and a repeater how is an AP helpful here?

I could but is it really worth it? i tried similar things and no one wanted it and since postal stuff is expensive in this country the shipping would cost me half the price at least plus any Eba\Paypal commissions etc.
I would end up gaining about 20% of the actual price it's worth if someone buys it and if its in the list of countries that aren't expensive to ship to :frowning:

hmm i'm not an expert in networking can you elaborate on how is that helpful? i already have a good router and i don't even use all ports...

https://openwrt.org/supported_devices/432_warning should be taken into account.


Set it up as an Access Point with a guest only network on a separate channel from your main WiFi.

Extend your network to your shed / inlaw / back house / barn / garage / backyard

Set up a separate WiFi AP channel specifically for high priority devices like gaming consoles etc tag DSCP in the AP.

Create a separate network for Internet Of Things devices (weather stations, media streaming sticks, smart refrigerators, whatever)

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I see this from a broader perspective. If it is really worthless crap then collect and some day depending on how it is organized in your country take the recycling approach.

If it could be still of good use for someone e.g. someone is searching for a similar power supply etc. sell it on ebay, perhaps set a starting price so that at least you get a beer for your effort : - )

Yes, perhaps you won't get rich but....long usage of goods is always better than recycling.

Example: Sometimes I repair screens of smartphones and often I also get a bunch of tiny tools when I order the screen which I don't need so I sell them for little cash. It is not for the money but it's ecologically worthwhile.

Older OpenWrt supported routers can be used as a 100Mbps managed switch. Most of them would have 4-5 ports, including the WAN ports. With managed switch, you can configure VLAN, create isolated networks, etc. Managed switch are useful if you're dealing with access and trunk VLANs, also, you can use a single switch for different networks, which you can't do with a unmanaged switch.

IoT devices works in 2.4Ghz band, you can create a private network only for your IoT devices, with no access to your home network, and if you've multiple routers, you can trunk the VLANs over your normal cable to extend it to other OpenWrt routers.

You can also create a public network with a captive portal.

Keep in mind that most ADSL/VDSL modems doesn't support OpenWrt, in that case, you can use your device as a unmanaged switch with a wireless access point. You can wire it at different locations over your house for increase wireless connectivity.

Good points, thanks!

Noted, i havn't given up on this approach so i will try my best :slight_smile:

True, although 100Mbps isn't 1000 and out of 4-5 ports (which i also don't require) i get less.
I also have a repeater already and not to mention the extra power and space it would take but also sometimes multiple devices can go crazy or too complication for some to connect to.
But IOT is a nice touch i give you that, although i havn't really moved towards that yet (or maybe again its a country thing? )

Might be weird to ask but i this new strange forum system how does one quote another reply properly?

You can highlight with your mouse the text and click on the pop up button.

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Even though it is a good idea, it can be dangerous if not done properly.

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Install OpenWrt and give it to a friend!