What to do with a bunch of unused/older OpenWrt compatible devices

On an AR71xx for the RAM just swap the chip and it will work at the new size without changing any software. Ralink / Media Tek are not so simple.

For the flash you of course have to prepare the new chip by programming in the bootloader and firmware and ART. Most of the TP-Link builds probe the flash size and automatically partition.

Temperature monitoring system for your home.


Remember it is just an embedded Linux system.

Adapt some of these projects. Especially if your device has USB or spare GPIOs and your hands on with electronics.


Which device and which wiki page are we talking about?

dlink dir-615, thats basically the worst i have

Which version of DIR-615 exactly?

Can you please pinpoint where https://openwrt.org/toh/d-link/dir-615 says that current OpenWrt (18.06.x) runs smoothly on DIR-615?

I have searched the page for such a statement, but couldn't find anything.

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That highlights the craziness of the OEM manufacturers, as completely different hardwares (Marvell, Broadcom, Atheros, Ubicom, Realtek, Ralink) are marketed under the same device number. I think that there are approx. 30 different DIR-615 versions, and only 14 (?) of them are supported by OpenWrt.

But all of them are between 2/8 and 4/32 ...
... so none of them will run 18.06.x nicely if there is any load.

Ps. funnily enough, in addition to those 30 devices, there are hardware-compatible identical variants marketed under other brands. I have years ago flashed my old Trendnet TEW-652 with DIR-615 C1 OEM firmware as Dlink supported IPv6 while Trendnet did not. That happened somewhere in 2009-2010, so that gives the age of the device family. Just scrap the old 4/32 and smaller devices, and be happy :wink:


Yeah, well it's not that uncommon that stuff gets sold under different brands if you think about it. They just buy the stuff from the manufacturer and put their logo on it basically.
Car parts, TV's, robot vaccum cleaners, computer hardware etc etc.