What the CONFIG_BUILDBOT=y mean?

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What does the CONFIG_BUILDBOT=y mean? Does it mean it will build all packages and feeds?

Right now I select make menuconfig with :

* Global build settings
 * Select all target specific packages by default
 * Select all kernel module packages by default
 * Select all userspace packages by default
 * Set build defaults for automatic builds
 * UNCHECK Collect kernel debug information
 * Kernel build options
   * Compile the kernel with MIPS FPU Emulator
     * ONLY For D-Link DIR860L B1

Is it easier to copy the same configuration on the config.seed from the http://downloads.openwrt.org/releases/18.06.2/targets/ramips/mt7621/config.seed and adds some feeds and it will auto build all packages and feeds or do I have to check all these options that are above?

Buildbot is the tool used to automate the building of releases and snapshots. Unless you are using buildbot you can safely set to N

The config.seed you copied is the one used by that release buildbot.

Isn't that the CONFIG_BUILDBOT=y means that I do not have to select from make menuconfig and select all packages, instead if does it all automatically?
I do not want to select, just use a seed that builds all packages.

It sets certain build logic options to behave a fit differently in buildbot than in normal private build toolchain.

Example usage:

Nothing to do with package selections.

Do not set it y

But I built a D-LINK DIR860L B1 and I selected all that is above and I could not build the router, but when I used the config.seed from the OpenWrt release 18.06.2, instead of using the selected just use that seed, I could build the firmware, so how come?
This is the problem:

So should I select all above except for buildbot?

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