What should I learn to develop an own ipk application?

Please forgive that My English is very poor.Maybe there is a lot of language mistakes in my message.

I want to develop an own ipk application to install on my openwrt router.

The ipk application I want to make used to bypass GFW(The great firewall,It let chinese people can't visit twitter and facebook youtube and more,I hope freedom in internet) in China like VPN.

Before this,I only learned python.I've visited hello world example in development document.

It's programe by C language.

I want to know if python used to make ipk application?

If I need learn new C language to develop my ipk application,what need I learn something except C language to do this?

Thanks everyone.

best regards.

Technically speaking it's all just GNU make and a little bit of git, check similar packages for reference and the wiki documentation.


I'd say before thinking about the actual implementation (which programming language to use or learn) you should probably spend some time to build up some experience in networking, routing, various tunneling protocols, cryptography etc.

Unless you want to actually develop your own VPN protocol using your own cryptography, setting up such a bypass is more a matter of network and VPN client configuration (using commands like ip or iptables) than a programming effort.

The actual programming required (making an ipk) is basically just generating all the required configuration, firewall rules etc. from a limited set of input parameters.


"ipk" is just how are the applications packaged, you can develop your application in your language of choice, and later package it.

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The great firewall ban all vpn protocol we know.

It's a bad message.

so that I have to develop a new vpn protocol or new tunnel.

Can you tell me what programe language is best to do this work.

and it can run on openwrt router.


Have you tried shadowsocks?

There are some valible tunnel in China.For example shadowsocks,v2ray,Trojan.

but I think these are too famous in China.

I believe that these tunnel will ban in the future in China.

I think the good idea is develop a private tunnel or vpn for myself.

Only I use it.People dosen't know it.and The great firewall dosen't know.

It's safe,The life of private tunnel or vpn can be long.

Sadly, deep packet inspection would require you to develop a hell of a VPN to bust through. Its not necessarily about how many people are using it, its about whether or not DPI can fingerprint it. You're far better off with the currently viable tunnels b/c the reason they aren't banned yet is because its INCREDIBLY hard to detect them without catching tons of "valid" traffic in the crossfire.


Making it compatible with OpenWrt is going to be the lesser of your troubles... I would seek for help at other forums, almost anything developed for Linux is going to be portable to OpenWrt.

Thank everyone who reply this message.
I found a project which can satisfy my demand.
It named xray,you can visit this url:https://github.com/XTLS/Xray-core,If you need.

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