What should be my network option in SQM and wireless mode?


These are the 2 interfaces I have on. I use PPPoE connection.


What should be my interface name for SQM?


What should be my network name for my wireless settings?

hi ! choose for sqm pppoe-wan

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For sqm both wan variants can be used, but generally pppoe-wan is a better fit.

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What about the wireless mode?

OpenWrt defaults wireless interface names to wlan0 and wlan1.

Guest networks interface names follow as wlan0-1, wlan1-1, and so on.

I usually use an ESSID name that indicates which band it's on (2.4 or 5 GHz).

Examples -


Just checked on my 19.07 router, for WiFi this field selects the "network" to bridge the WiFi interface to, which in most cases should be LAN... generally OpenWrt's defaults are quite sane and will do the right thing....