What’s your favorite mid range ($20-$120) OpenWrt device?

There's a thread for dirt cheap devices ($20 or less) and one for "enthusiast" devices which seems to mean $100+, but what about those in between? FRITZ!Box 4040 seems widely recommended, but are there other ones? Personally I preferably routers which are easy to convert to OpenWrt (no soldering), but anything in the right price range that works with v19 is acceptable.

Please specify the price range in the topic title.

I didn't want to be too exact because if someone disagrees with my definitions it will seem like I'm trying to steal from the other threads, but I've added some suggested numbers. Hopefully this won't turn in to a discussion of what constitutes mid range.

The various ipq40xx devices fit very well into that range (just make sure to get at least 256 MB RAM!) - if you're lucky also the first ipq806x ones.

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