What router to buy for low latency?

Hey there,
I was looking for a router that has low processing speeds (i need the lowest latency possible)
Budget is not a problem
Doesn't need to have useless wifi features that add latency as i don't use wifi but it needs to work
Needs , of course , to be OpenWRT compatible (flashing is not a problem)
I'm considering both WRT3200 and r7800 for now as they seem a good choice

H2+ is worth a look, a few threads hereabouts.

yeah with awesome realtek nic's ...

Combined with H2 Net Card for extra ports

with that it will be bigger price than lot of cheap qotom or similiar device, also lower processing time = higher single thread performance / core clock

The expected price of the 4 port 2.5G pcie board is ~45$. The realtek bit is so ten years ago.

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and it makes like 170$ , for this price i bought a month ago used dell r220 with dual 10g intel x520 with two sfp+ and this is bit faster than mentioned h2+ but it would be a overkill for 1gig internet connection. so in fact this level of nat can be make even on cheap soho routers like r7800 with nss accelration etc :slight_smile: no point of buying super fast gear.

Certainly more than that, as you have to add at least 1 SODIMM and an eMMC to get things in play with that add-on pcie card. But of course my response was simply to the OP with

statement in mind, and no idea as to whether the individual was aware of device existence.