What packages can I remove to fit a 4MB flash

Ok, I'm trying to fit mini_snmpd and coova-chilli into a TL-WR740N v6. What are the unnecessary packages to remove?

And could I use, https://chef.libremesh.org to remove/add packages and build a new image?

Have a look at this thread: TP-Link TL-WR841N(D), WA701N(D), WR740N(D), WR741N(D), WR743N(D), WR940N, WR941N(D) - LADUS / JULIA / Ultra Lite / VPN builds

The config.seed files are included as far as I remember. This should give you a good start what to include in your own “tiny” build. All the 32/4 warnings still apply but you should be able to make a working firmware like in the thread I mentioned.

Compile from source using the full tools other wise you will never be able to fit everything in 4MB, if you are able to fit it at all.


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mini_snmpd and coova-chilli into a TL-WR740N v6<
No chance. Best scenario is a crash when running because of low mem.

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This question of SNMP and captive portal on an outdated, underpowered device comes up surprisingly often. Actually, this is effectively a duplicate of your previous thread on the topic, Need help to custom build for TL-WR740N, 840N, 841N

Given that the combination is most likely for commercial purposes,

Buy a decent router -- they can be had for $/€20 or less.

It's not worth your time or your client's time to mess around with underpowered devices that are likely to crash, if you ever get them running. If you think it is, you aren't charging enough for your time.

I definitely do not recommend an older version of OpenWRT as they are known not to be secure. Installing such a version may put legal liability on you for any data breach or disruption of service, depending on you and your client's jurisdiction.

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@jeff I appreciate your advice. Could you kindly recommend any decent routers at that price range?

There is a (long) thread dedicated to that topic

While I haven't used any of them, @RangerZ has pointed out various GL.inet devices that have caught my eye several times. I would seek out some first-hand experiences prior to purchase, especially as it seems as though your professional reputation rides on a reliable selection.

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Try reading the whole post here: What's your favourite cheap LEDE/OpenWrt device?

It should give you some good ideas what’s other users bought as “cheap device” and why they liked a specific model. Most devices mentioned will be 64/8 at least which gives you a lot more play room compared to the 4/32. You could still use the “old” devices to use as extra AP either wired or as full mesh. As long as they don’t need other services the memory limitation is still acceptable for those tasks.

But like Jeff mentioned. You can get nice new devices for less then $20 or depending on your needs for that money a higher end device on the used market.

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My workhorse for commercial hotspots on a budget is a ZBT-WE826. Because it is a mature device with good resources.

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It was noted in this thread that mimi-snmpd is larger than snmpd; and does not do 64 bit counters. Just an FYI.

I removed dropbear,opkg and luci to fit on 4mb

tp-link wr3020v1

since my device has a serial console port

ath79 target is smaller and fits 4mb with Luci. There is still some space about 200kB left.

If you're implying that you removed packages from a pre built image, that is incorrect. You have to build a smaller image in order to save space.

Cool, old school.
For some reason I just pictured you operating toggle switches on a PDP-11

Wow, you seem to be such an IT-dino like me :slight_smile:
Used the switches almost half a century ago, to exam/deposit some adrs.

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im actually using it as a mesh node with libremesh, so once configured don't have to change much

ok, that might be useful in the future