What next after GL-MT300N V2? Maybe GL-MT3000?

I've been using GL-MT300N V2 for years and it's been great.

Now i've got a new 1 Gbps internet and it's not doing great since it's limited at 100 Mbps.

I'm considering to upgrade to GL-MT3000 which looks a natural thing to do.

Do you think GL-B1300 is also a good choice? I wouldn't mind to have another lan port. I know it's missing wifi ax but i actually have no devices that would use it anyway.

I'd probably go for gl-mt6000.

Thanks. But this one seems to play in another league. Different form factor and way more expensive.
Why do you prefer this one over the one i mentioned? Any advice on them anyway?

I can get GL-MT3000 for 100€ and GL-B1300 for 90€. GL-MT6000 for 185€.

GL-B1300 shouldn't be on the list: it's just an AC router without hw capability under official OpenWrt.
In the other hand GL-MT3000 has hardware acceleration not just for NAT but for WiFi too!

GL-MT6000 is a little pricey but more future proof it's 2x 2.5 GbE, allowing upgrade both your wired home network to 2.5 GbE and internet.

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Thanks. I was not aware of such shortcomings of GL-B1300. Let's rule it out.

I'm still considering GL-MT3000 for form factor.

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Sure! Go for it!

Later (when OpenWrt One comes true) , you can take a look about it: it's like GL-MT3000 but with a little tinkering. :slightly_smiling_face:


In EU maybe you can see if you can get reasonable price for the following:

Mercusys MR90X
Netgear WAX206
Zyxel WSM20 (Multy M1)


Hi! Got the GL-MT3000 and flashed openwrt with no issues through the vendor web ui without keeping settings.

I get almost 1 Gbit/s through ethernet and 330 Mbit/s (phone) and 660 Mbit/s (laptop) through wifi ac with channel width 80 MHz. I'm very happy!

I had to change 2.4 GHz encryption to WPA2 in order to allow old devices to connect. Mixed with WPA3 is not doing it.

I have to cover only a very small space with wifi so I lowered the transmission power.
I got 2.4 GHz at 0 dBm and 5 GHz at 6 dBm. I have strong signal on everything.
On status an example device report for signal/noise is -48/-91 dBm for 2.4 GHz and -44/-92 dBm for 5 Ghz. It's good right?

Anything else I might be interested to tune?


This is quite good indeed - at how many meters distance is this?

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It get from -44 to -48 in a range of 2-4 meters approximately. No walls.

I noticed that my phone connected to 2.4GHz at times while getting in the wifi range and not switching to 5GHz once the signal increase. Added another +3 dBm and now it seems to connect always 5GHz first. Is it this okay?

Then this thread could be solved now! :ok_hand:

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