What is your average monthly bandwidth usage?

  • <100GB
  • 100-250GB
  • 250-500GB
  • 500-1000GB
  • 1-2TB
  • 2-5TB
  • ->5TB

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Mine is usually 300GB a month, this month is a little more due to PS4 games download.

Protocol: DHCPv6 client
Uptime: 31d 15h 40m 51s
MAC: xxx
RX: 488.19 GB (596877513 Pkts.)
TX: 36.85 GB (199633609 Pkts.)
IPv6: xxx/128
IPv6-PD: xxx::/56

I flash my hardware way too much to get a month of uptime, but I did vote :wink: . Usage fluctuates around 500 GB.

Protocol: DHCPv6 client
IPv6: xx/64
IPv6-PD: xxx::/56

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Is this up or download or both combined? Makes a significant difference for me as mine is mostly upload.

He's posted his RX and TX so I assume he's adding both up and not differentiating.