What is the open wrt firmware compatible with TP Link TL MR 3020 v 3.2 router?

I bought a TP - Link TL MR 3020 router on amazon at a discounted price on offer as I am aware that the old version of the TL MR 3020 (v1.0) is compatible with the open wrt firmware. Version v 3.0 as well. I thought that version 1.0 or version 3.0 had been sent to me at a discounted price; instead they sent me the latest version 3.2.
I would like to know if it is compatible with any version of open wrt.
On the board of the TP link MR 3020 v.3 of open wrt I read in the notes that a buyer bought this router of the same version as mine (v 3.2) from a Polish, he installed the open wrt firmware, but some functions did not suit him good. What do you advise me to do? If I should install the firmware for version 3.0 and it doesn't work, is it possible to reinstall its original firmware of the tp LinK? Thanks in advance for the info

Also this page:

has some notes about the v3.2 at the bottom. The V3.2 is definitely compatible like a V3.0. It should be simple to flash back to stock firmware using the same TFTP process.

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i don't understand if the cause is version 3.2, but i can't do the transfer with TFTP. I hit the reset button and plug in the power and boot TFTPd64, but the transfer doesn't start. What could be the problem. I have performed all the indications: i downloaded the firmware openwrt-19.07.4-ramips-mt76x8-tplink_tl-mr3020-v3-squashfs-tftp-recovery.bin I renamed it tp_recovery.bin I put tp_recovery.bin in the TFTPd64 directory, I set the ip in the pc network card with but nothing happens, the transfer does not start But is it possible to install the "openwrt" firmware in a simple method using the "update firmware" function found in the native firmware menu from Tp Link? Or is the TFTP method mandatory?

finally I was able to install the openwrt firmware with the TFTP method. Then I installed all the packages I needed including the Kmod-rtl 8188 rl3070 packages etc. etc. with the drivers of all the usb wifi cards with the related Atheros, Ralink, Realtek chipsets etc. etc. But I tried to connect the ALFA AWUS036NH, AWUS036NHR usb cards, the TP link TL822 N which has an Atheros chipset, but none of them work. In short, in all the USB wifi cards that I have connected, the LED lights up and remains fixed, but the USB card is not seen and consequently they do not connect. I also did the tests by moving the switch from 3G / 4G to WISP and then to AP but nothing happens. Is it a problem due to the power supply? Do you need a powered usb hub? Perhaps the TP Link TL Mr 3020 cannot power the wifi cards through its usb port (the HUAWEI E5576 LTE modem instead connected to the usb port of the TL MR 3020 works perfectly. Or the usb wifi cards of the ALFA AWUS036 family only work with Chinese routers (type ZBT WRT8305RT ZBT WE1626 MELON R658N etc.etc