What is the minimum release requirement?


I want to support mips32r6 and mips64r6 in OpenWrt. I have worked on it for some time. My work is based on 18.06.02. Now I have upgraded some packages for mips-r6 and completed the compiling work of most packages. I want to do a release after I test them, but I don't know the minimum release requirement for it because there are many many packages. so I want to know which packages we should test at first or which packages are more important. Because there is no board for mips32r6 and mips64r6, so the first step for me is to do work in Qemu with Malta board. It is the first time for me to do something related to OpenWrt, so could you give us some suggestion on it?

Thank you very much.

I would definitely ask on the OpenWrt-devel mailing list.

If there are "no board for mips32r6 and mips64r6" then it might also be challenging to get reviewers to approve what is probably a significant amount of code that has no apparent application for devices available on the retail market.

Thank you very much.

I know that it is very difficult to approve the code for mips-r6 because of no board. So our first step is to prepare it in our own repo to do a release. When there is a board on the retail market, we will push code into upstream repo.

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-base on master
-core networking
-upgrade functions

a lot energy is spend in the upgrade / flashing code... particularly testing.

Seek input related to deviations or additions relating to naming and conventions. as these can often be sticking points best dealt with pro-actively rather than retro-actively...

Thank you very much.

We upgrade many packages from master branch to 18.06.02 because some other packages are upgraded to support misp-r6 assembly code.

We will start to test basic packages and function soon.