What is the function of 370-ap_sta_support.patch file?

There is a 370-ap_sta_support.patch file in package\network\services\hostapd\patches path. This patch will send the "stop ap" message to hostapd when the STA is disconnected or associating or associated. Then hostapd will stop all VAPs. Why do openwrt do this? and why do it add this patch?

Note that the patch has recently been removed from main/master, but it still exists in old stable branches.

I tried looking the commit history, and that patch seems to originate from 2013 or earlier. So, nothing new.

The question was "why", not "when" :wink:


logical explanation:

in case of one radio, when one radio working as AP and STA on same time, it is normal that radio need to first find channel for STA and then bring up AP (on same channel)
so, STA have priority over AP

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My point was that the "year 2013" (or similar age) implicates SVN source code versioning, and thus no explanations in the commit messages.

I traced the patch to the original addition already in 2010 by @nbd

Like NPeca75 said above, one reason is that STA parameters forced by the upstream AP may cause config changes also for our AP functionality.

But there may have been also other reasons related to OpenWrt interface & bridge handling.


Thank you both @NPeca75 and @hnyman.

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If it is the upstream AP modification parameter, it should be stop the other AP after the STA connection is successful. Why is it stop ap when disconnected or associating or associated?