What is the difference between broadcast and unicast and multicast and is the best one for gaming?

i heard the best one is multicast which produce less latency, can i change from unicast to multicast ?

my wan connection is pppoe-wan
and i have two lan interface i want to use multicast method instead of unicast

In networking terms:

  • Unicast is a direct 1:1 connection, and is the standard. It requires no configuration, or co-operation
  • Broadcast sends to the broadcast address (usually .255). This sends the packet to everyone connected to that segment, which can/will flood the connection as it gets sent to every address whether they're listening or not. Broadcast is also not forwarded beyond your network, by design.
  • Multicast uses a small number of fixed IP addresses that clients and servers can "Subscribe" to so they receive packets. It requires co-operation of every provider in-between to ensure subscriptions and packets move between clients, and most ISPs don't bother.

It's also defined by the software running the server and clients, and for everything except custom IPTV at the ISP level Unicast is always used. You can't change this at all, and if you could somehow, it wouldn't work with anyone elses setup.


do you know how to use udpspeeder for call of duty that uses port 3074 ?