What is the cheap router suitable for making a large hotspot?

I have found this router

I want to ask experienced people about the performance of this device, knowing that I will use it to manage a large network hotspot/Qos It can accommodate 300 users for example.

define performance to do what, and manage.


in that case, yes, the device have got the performance to do random undefined stuff.

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From Amazon page you linked:
"AES-NI Supported: NO, If need support AES-NI, please visit our other items with Intel Core I3 I5 I7 or 3855U/3865U"
No AES-NI support. I would not purchase this model.

The 6 ports is a gimmick feature. If you're going to have more than 5 LAN devices you'll need an external switch, and then you can run VLANs on one port to the switch.

Look for a fanless brick-shaped mini PC with 3 or 4 ports. Unless you really want/need/like rack mount.

It might be useful to read my post New Users: Basic Terminology Router, Access Point, Switch, gateway etc and then let us know what role the device you plan to buy should play (or multiple roles)