What is the best solution to release SDK?

Hi All,

We are working on openwrt build system with our own applications/libraries.
We would like to release a SDK package to our client, because they want to develop some applications on our device.
Since the security topic, we don't want to release the source code of our applications/libraries.
What can we do for this situation?

On the other hand, we use prebuild binary toolchain to build up anything.
So, I can not select the option of "Build the OpenWrt SDK" to try/release.

Any suggestion is excellent. Thanks a lot.

can you please explain to us how this is related to OpenWrt?

Hi Wulfy23,

Actually, we are looking for if openwrt can pack a package which very similar to "Build the OpenWrt SDK".
Because the package will include

  1. Tools are binary.
  2. Toolchain is binary.
  3. Our own applications and libraries are binary.
  4. Opensource part still from feeds.
  5. ipkg can be produced.


this is part of the openwrt featureset, supported and documented

this is not

however, I am sure there are several skilled developers here and within the core openwrt team who would be able to assist you on professional terms.

all the best.

Hi Wulfy23,

Thanks. And who can help me out? Thanks.

wait a few days... i'm sure someone will get in touch... if not... there would be commercial contact details published somewhere on the website.

( disclaimer: I do not represent OpenWrt )

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send a mail to the mailing list too, as that's a place most developers follow.

What you are asking may not be very aligned with OpenWrt project's goals (being opensource) though.

see here all contact information https://openwrt.org/contact


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