What is the best hardware for 600Mbps all in one device (Router) with full compatibility with OpenWRT?

Hello, I'm going to explain this well (at once) and my apologies for asking this where it didn't touch.

First of all, sorry for my English, I'm not a total expert in this language.

Everything I will explain below will be for a home environment, so the available budget would be between 70~-150~€. For more information, my region is Europe, Spain (I am commenting it so that if someone knows of a router that is not sold in this region, ignore it)

All this comes from the situation that I have, I have a lot of routers compatible with OpenWRT but none have enough memory to be able to install all the packages that I need or want to test, for example, I have a TP-Link Archer C6 v2 that, after installing OpenWRT leaves me with 1Mb of available memory. Another example router I have is a "Sercomm Avanzado 00200106, VOX 2.5" which seems to cover my needs but there is currently no full support for this router in OpenWRT.

The connection speed that I currently have contracted is 600Mbps but I have reached 1Gbps with other ISPs

I need a router, in principle, that has "everything", by everything I mean good CPU, good RAM, large Flash size, 5G and 2.4G Wifi, Ethernet ports of 1Gbps or more, USBs, fully compatible with OpenWRT (with LuCI) and that it accepts a large number of devices, if it can be WIFI 6, even better, and, at the same time, everything integrated if possible.
If there is an X86 device that has all of this built in, that would work for me too. In this case, I don't think an X86 device is a great option for me because they have a lot more storage than I'm going to use in principle. (Correct me if I'm wrong)

What I want to do is remove the "Sercomm Avanzado 00200106, VOX 2.5" and put the sniffed keys for SIP, VOIP, etc. in the new router that you recommend to skip each and every one of the restrictions that my ISP (Vodafone Spain) has on this router. We're talking about not even being able to remotely access the router, or "port forwarding".

I do not know if I left some information that may be necessary for you to help me, if so, let me know and I will answer you almost instantly

Special thanks to @shdf @frollic @moeller0 and @slh for answering me on the wrong topic

Thanks a lot

Does any of them have an USB port ?

But they'll be able to route 1gbit.

Keep the wireless Openwrt routers, and repurpose them as APs.
Get an x86 for the routing.

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Only the Sercomm, but

Only X86 are able to route 1gbit?

From what I understand, the access points I have (Routers with OpenWRT) are valid for broadcasting Wi-Fi 2.4/5G, but there's no router capable for routing 1Gbit?

Understanding 1gbit routing so that I get the 600mbps that I have contracted, right?

Routing is one thing but once you use a mini PC, you may be tempted to use WireGuard and SQM Cake for example. The small ARM routers that pretend to be able to route 1 gbps (like the Mikrotik RB750Gr3) can't do that.

I'm now using a Beelink U59 Pro that I paid 184.79 euros. That seems to be perfect for a 1 gbps link (even with all the IPv4 traffic going through the VPN) and SQM Cake. I use a cheap MERCUSYS AX3000 for WiFi and 2 x 8 ports CISCO switches for Ethernet connectivity.

Any other cheaper and with more or less same specs?

acemagician T8pro is sometimes priced a little less than 150 €

What do you think about this one? https://amzn.eu/d/dL5GGSd (109€)

Comparing with the two others? (Beelink U59 Pro (170€) and acemagician T8pro (150€))

Another question is, this devices are all compatibles with OpenWRT or should i install another OS?

It has only one Ethernet port. I recommend 2.

You could have the T8 Pro for 128,64€ on AliExpress (under the name FIREBAT T8 Pro Plus).

Then there's the thin PC solution, if you're ok with DIY, it'll be less than 100€, but you'll need to do some work yourself.

I'll take a look, thanks.

Can you give me more info about that? Im ok with DIY but medium level :sweat_smile:

Will be able to buy a 3.0 USB to Ethernet converter?

I doubt it would be supported under OpenWrt. But even if it is, my experience with 2 such adapters on a Windows laptop revealed that they use a lot of CPU and provide unreliable connection.

Wyse 5070 or Fujitsu s920 + extra NIC, search the forum for it.

Oh, had no idea...

Hard for my knowledge, im sorry

I suppose i will buy T8pro via Amazon, for 25€ i prefer Amazon warranty and the ease of returning the item if im not happy.

Talking about T8pro... what do i need to set it up? new OS, windows with some apps?

On the U59 Pro (and also on a Minisforum TH50) I just had to flash a USB key with OpenWrt using Rufus and change the BIOS of the mini PC to boot from the USB flash drive.

It's overkill to have 16 GB of RAM (and even 8) and the internal SSD isn't used at all but it works.

From there, you'll have to connect to the "new router" through HTTP and start configuring it.

Okay, easy apparently

Im comparing the U59pro and the T8pro, and i have to ask... wifi 6 is something relevant for the use i will do for this?

The WiFi cards in these mini PC will probably not work as access point under OpenWrt, or only on one band (2.4 GHz) and a subset of channels. And the bad internal antennas make it worse. I have tried, and it worked very badly don't waste you time with this. Use a dedicated AP.

So the fact of buying one or the other does not change anything, it will only be used as a router and the connected APs will give a Wi-Fi signal, right?

Yes. But I'm not going to say that they are equivalent as I haven't tried the T8 Pro. I guess that under the same load, the smaller one could get warmer but I'm not sure.