What is the best AX router for OpenWrt future stable support?

so no problem with RPi 4 right...suddenly i got scared, i spent almost 100 $ to get hands on this.

Yes just for wifi devices. RPi 4 works great with OpenWrt and has top tier performance. Just throw on a USB gigabit adapter, gigabit switch, and U6-Lite and you can beat any all in one router. If only they made a dual ethernet version. The R4S is gaining momentum for that reason, and their upcoming R5S with 2.5Gb.

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More should be using the R4S. SDcard simplicity. Dual ports. 4gb of ram. Enough power to do SQM at 1gb speed too.

Even buying a cheap 1gb switch and then something like the U6-Lite its still cheaper than buying one of the all in one new AX routers.

I kinda want the R5S now but honestly its only for the internal 2.5gb ports. But then i'd have to find a 2.5gb capable switch and they are not really consumer prices yet. its really more business/prosumer level. plus when you get to 5/10gb level... there is a good 2nd hand market for fibre switches being swapped out of businesses.

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Yea whenever I upgrade my WRT32X, it'll be to the R5S I think then get a seperate switch. Currently the WRT32X is doing SQM at 500Mbits maxing my internet and still do USB3.0 storage with Samba at 120 MB/s maxing out the gigabit lan. Eventually I'll need to upgrade and that'll be the path but right now it's still plenty and perfectly stable (~175 day uptime right now, planning on testing upcoming rc2 on the other partition soon).

R5S is a good eventual choice, but it seems like a slightly slower SoC than the R4S, although it runs cooler on less power.

I'm considering using a device that already supported the official OpenWRT firmware (not snapshot). It's difficult to choose between Raspberry Pi 4 and Xiaomi R3G to run OpenWrt. For R4, I need to buy an extra USB to LAN cable, and the price of R4 in my country is about $100. On the other hand, Xiaomi R3G is only $20, no extra USB to LAN cable of course. I know the flexibility of R4, but the price of the R3G is very affordable as well.

So probably Netgear AX120 is the 'next' R7800?

Also , is the Rockchip in R4s more powefull than Broadcom in RP4b? i guess it is right?

Faster CPU yes, but marginally so. The R4S/R5S and RPi4 are all much faster than most all in one routers. The key difference is the R4S/R5S have 2 or 3 ethernet ports built-in. Big advantage to using a USB to gigabit adapter needed for the Pi.

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