What is rx/tx rate for associated clients in Luci (and how would you get download/upload rate)

I watned to know the bandwidth usage (upload/download rate) of connected clients to wireless network.

Currently looking at network > wireless in luci and I see these details:

I'd assume RX_Rate/TX_Rate would be the download/upload rate however the numbers make no sense.

Currently I'm not downloading anything on my phone and it shows at 1190MBit/s ? Additional my ISP connect is only 10 Mb/s.

Also, why is there information no the second device?

thanks in advance

Make sure that the same version of libiwinfo and libiwinfo-lua is installed. The figures above look wrong and happen when the ABI between both libraries does not match.

(opkg update; opkg upgrade libiwinfo; opkg upgrade libiwinfo-lua)

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The rate shown is what has been negotiated for each device based on device capabilities and signal quality. This is the bit rate that would occur if the transmitter in the router were transmitting to that one device 100% of the time. That condition will never actually be reached. The transmitter has to wait for response packets from the device, other devices, signals from other networks, and of course it can't transmit until the data arrives from the Internet service.

The router doesn't know how fast the ISP is. You can look at actual data throughput on the Status-Realtime Graphs-Traffic page.

The data shown by LuCI is derived from the iwinfo wlan0 assoclist CLI command. That command polls the kernel driver. Not all kernel drivers report full information.

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