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Been an Ubuntu user for over 10 years, pretty familiar with command line. Also used Fedora and Arch along with dnf and pacman.

Appreciate Linux distros often described as 'based upon' etc so just like to enquire, what is openwrt based on, is it similar to Debian? Also, is the command line the same on whatever device openwrt is installed?

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As a all life Windows user with no experience of Linux what so ever I started using OWRT, and then RaspberryPi and then Ubuntu based O/S. I would say that if you can use either OWRT, RaspberryPi or Ubuntu (or Debian), then you can recognize everything in all systems and adapt to the small changes there are between the systems.

I would say the biggest confusion between the systems would be OPKG, DPKG and APT function is a must to realize what system use witch function.

Yes, getting the hang of it now. It is similar to Debian, with which I am quite familiar.

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