What is libnl-tiny1?

We have an issue with our package feed. Suddenly packages have a dependence called libnl-tiny1? Any idea how that can happen, or what that means?

Some info here:

Hi @VincentR,

thank you for the hint on the technical reference. Sadly, we do not have a Problem on the library itself, but on the dependency. Please let me explain that further:

For Freifunk Berlin we have compiled the firmware and all of its packages completely by ourself for years. Our idea was to save much time and resources by henceforth using the precompiled imagebuildes of OpenWrt.

For that purpose, we hacked some shell script, which will build our images(not so important) and a script for building our custom package feed.

Our problem is a dependency issue for a specific package. That package declares libnl-tiny as a dependency. But after we compiled that package for our feed, the package-control-data declares libnl-tiny1 as dependency.

Aparently, that package doesn't exist in OpenWrt-19.07 package feeds. So the installation of that package will fail due an unsatisfiable dependency .

We are really confused and don't know, what that strange package should be and why it suddenly appears in the package-control-data.

How do you build the package? I guess you are using the wrong branch or SDK. You should use 19.07 and not the master/snapshot when building for 19.07.