What is faster: router or dumb AP?

Good morning,
My house is too large to be covered by one access point. I need at least three APs.

The question is which option will guarantee better performance:

  • One main router (wireless) and two additional routers with own subnets.
  • One router and two “dumb APs”

Or maybe there are some other options?

Dumb APs are generally the way to go.


Placement is the key.
Backhauls is the other factor.

Ideally you want each AP to have a ethernet backhaul to your router/switch. Otherwise they become repeaters and have to rebroadcast back to the main router. (edit and thus halves their speed and doubles latency)

Unless you are using newer routers with more power and decent wifi? You will be better served by using proper APs like Ubiquiti or such. They are more powerful and designed for handling large amounts of traffic.

I personally use a main router (wifi disabled) and an AC-Lite AP. I get far better coverage and much better signal.

Couple of articles for you to consider.


Performance-wise bridging is faster than routing, therefore having dumbAPs is preferred.


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