What is elegant proxy configuration

I just joined the openwrt family, and I'm very clumsy. I have tried to make a http proxy service on openwrt, and other hosts can pass the proxy correctly through

> export https_proxy=

but what I want to do is Other hosts can access the proxy correctly without "export", I think it may be through iptable?... Forget it, I have no idea, how can I do it?
My router address is, openwrt's WAN address is, my proxy port is 1080 (http)

my openwrt version is OpenWrt 22.03.0, r19685-512e76967f

Thank you for your reply, I actually only need HTTP/HTTPS proxy, and this goal can be confirmed by "v2raya" in the openwrt app store. It achieves the goal in this thread, so I mainly want to know, how does v2raya realized

AFAIK it's not part of the openwrt package repository, so you'll have to ask v2raya...

but I guess this should be enough to get it installed https://github.com/v2raya/v2raya-openwrt