What is differences between mesh and repeater mode

Hi there , what is main different between mesh network and repeater mode , I have aps between building the signal in street is very good but in home and other buildings is very poor , I flashd new tplink archer c 20 and made it as repeater mode I think its work but its same problem with bulding , is the problem with repeater mode ? If I use b.a.t.m.a.n with my ap can I get good result other Q what is the problem if. 1 ap connected 10 router client (repeater mode ) or more , what is best choice for this equipment .

Note : I use 2.4 ghz for repeater and for ap signal and cha 11

Repeater takes every packet that it sees on one "signal" and sends it, pretty much verbatim, to the other station.

Mesh often refers to an interconnection between more than two stations. It often includes a routing protocol that sends packets point-to-point between two of those stations in the "best" way at the moment.

Both are dependent on the signal quality of the link between the stations. Neither magically make the connection between two stations any better (or any worse). Mesh often allows more than one path between stations, so that, for example A <-> B <-> C to let A "talk" to C by way of B, when A and C have poor direct connectivity.

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Repeater mode requires an administrator to configure the link paths. This is fine when there are only 2 or 3 nodes in fixed locations. Mesh will automatically try to find the best paths, and reconfigure the network to adjust for nodes being
relocated, added or removed.

Neither can magically create signal where there is none. You have to have an intermediate node in a location with good signal to relay packets to the next node. If there are long paths with no practical way to place a repeater in the middle, better antennas are the only way.

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Thank u for your explain its helpfull

I use unifi ap with openwrt and sector 120 for my main ap but client router which work for repeater mode didnt get good result , my router for this test is tplink archer c20 its have 3 antennas and I think each anteena 3dbi . I want to use this client router like 4g modem its get connection from out side and give it for client inside

It looks like the antennas on the C20 are not removable, so it will be difficult to upgrade them. If you have a model with removable antennas you can remove one or more of them and attach a parabolic or a panel directional antenna. Or if you had a USB port on the router you can connect an additional radio with directional antenna. Unfortunately the C20 doesn't have that either.

what is best for mesh network if i use 2.4 ghz for meshing

There is no "best" -- it all depends on your requirements, technical understanding and willingness to perform configuration and diagnose network problems, and personal preference.