What is better router

am looking betwen two routers for me its important to have much db s so i want to buy Asus RT-N18U can you tell me what dbs have this router i couldnt foun in specifications on web.Also am looking betwen rtn18u and RT-N66U.I see RT-N66U is dual router but how power he have in dbs?

Neither would be an acceptable choice for running OpenWrt, in both cases their wi-fi won't be supported (nor ever supportable). If your intention was to find the worst options for OpenWrt, congratulations, you've found them.

i dont have who to ask,did i do something wrong? :slightly_frowning_face:

Please take a look at


Please pay attention to this:

Is it OK for you to have only b/g available in 2.4GHz wifi?
Is it OK for you to have no 5GHz wifi at all?

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thank you it is not good i will not buy

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