What is best hardware for WiFi AP range & speed?


Spent some time searching for this answer but the topics seem to always end up in the weeds.

Would like to three options for the best hardware to run OpenWrt as a WiFi access point.

Currently using a Linksys WRT 1900 AC w/ OpenWrt and looking to move to something with greater WiFi performance and if possible greater range.

Best range, best throughput w/ reliable uptime.

Mixed environment 2.4 & 5.8 and support WiFi 6.

Network is mixed w/ IoT devices, mobile devices, laptops, etc...

Currently getting coverage throughout the house and into the backyard but signal strength is low in some spots.

Look forward to the suggestions.

Generally speaking, the router you have now is probably not really the reason you have limited range... that comes down to the maximum permissible power of the radio+antenna system (per regulations) and physics of the distance and the materials through which the signals must pass to get from the router's location to the backyard.

The solution is typically to add another access point (ideally wired if that is possible) to cover the areas that are currently not getting good signal strength.

You want to get the "best" RF signals, both on Tx and Rx.

Check the router hardware circuit, comes with external pre-amp ICs (LNA) and external power Amp ICs. Many low-cost routers, no external ICs for WiFi signal.

Filogic devices are in general well supported (though there are still issues being ironed out due to it's relatively new presence) - some examples

Netgear WAX220
TP-Link EAP683-LR (pending support https://openwrt.org/toh/tp-link/eap683-lr)
Ubiquiti UniFi 6 Plus

Thanks for the suggestions.

Gave a quick glance at the Netgear and the TP-Link.

Any idea when the TP-Link will be officially supported?

I see some are working on support for the Netgear WAX6xx. From Netgear data sheet the range of the WAX6xx is far greater. That would be interesting to see in real world as one AP could cover whole house.