What is an efficient way to build large customer applications?


We are going to use OpenWrt to build our applications previously we used Debian build. The applications spread to many sub source directories in two basic forms, one for libraries, one for binaries, it was a simple command, there are two generic type of Makefiles one for libraries and one for binaries, we just run the make in the source root to build all sub source directories.

There seems more steps to involve in OpenWrt build, most of the project in OpenWrt are relative small for specific single function, are there a build pipe line environment in OpenWrt similar to Debian build, we can run one make command to compile all sub directories and to link either dynamic or static to all libraries?

Thank you.

Hi @nobody1,
I would start here with a good read of: Creating packages
I suspect you will need to build anew package with an OpenWRT Makefile which will download your code from zip or git and subsequently call your current Makefile (or similar) using the correct toolchain (matching the device you selected in your config).

Have a look at examples on packages you are familiar with in places like the openwrt or packages repos.

Thanks VincentR.