What is a good and cheap fast usb ethernet for the raspberry Pi 3


I'm a newby to openwrt.
I want to use a raspberry pi 3 B (with openwrt-21.02) with a usb fast ethernet adapter (10/100Mbit).
I plan to use the pi as a firewall between to LANs.
Could somebody recommend a usb fast ethernet adapter that works with openwrt-21.02 and is about 10€ ?
If you have a recommendation please mention the device and the necessary driver.

Thank I advance

Here they are again: good, fast and cheap.
You can have three kind of (almost) anything, service, hardware, cars, ...

Good and fast - won't be cheap
Good and cheap - won't be fast
Fast and cheap - won't be good.

Sorry, couldn't resist.


thank you for your answers.
@trendy Could you give me a hint which driver I need for the U3METALGLAN (EU) | i-tec USB 3.0 Metal Gigabit Ethernet Adapter.

I hoped no to appear that greedy and asked for a fast ethernet adapter (but fast means slow =10/100MBit and not GBit) :grinning:

Has someone positive experience with TP-Link-UE300 and openwrt-21.02 ?
Which driver did you use?


When you search the forum for UE300 you will get several results. See if there is something usefull for you.

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r8152 is used for this one.

For what it's worth Realtek seems to have better Linux support than Asix, and benchmarks as I've seen show it has better throughput on low-spec systems. If all you're interested in is "Fast" (i.e. 100mbit) ethernet, then it probably doesn't matter all that much. If you go GigE, the USB2 bus will restrict you to a theoretical 480mbps and in practice probably more like half of that.

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