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Hi All,

Got a RasPI 3B that I've installed OpenWrt on. Got WiFi interfaces set up through both my phone's hotspot and USB tethering but cannot access either of them. All I can use is the LAN connection to my laptop. When I unplug the LAN, the PI cannot get internet through either interface. Because of this, I cannot proceed setting up my Spectrum broadband until I get another e'net port (USB -> e'net adapter) which is on the way.

What I'm hoping to do is use this as a primary router (switch?) ahead of my regular router. Spectrum cable -> PI LAN port, either/both phone WiFi's over radio, then USB -> ethernet cable from PI -> main router's WAN port set to PI's static IP.

Will this work as hoped? And why aren't either of my WiFis supplying a working connection?



I'm quite confused by what you are aksing. Can you draw a diagram of your desired connections/topology?

But let's start here:

  • The Pi3 is not a good router unless you have a relatively slow speed connection from your ISP (i.e. less than 100Mbps). If it is just a temporary thing to get things configured and running, that's fine, of course.
  • The wifi on all Pi models is terrible. It does not support simultaneous sta (client) + AP mode operation, has poor range, and even worse throughput (especially if you are using it in AP mode and try to connect more than one client device). It is functional, but again, only good for a temporary situation.
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I suck at explaining things, so supernewb strikes again!

My ISP speed is 110/12. Yes, this would be for (relatively) short duration power failures. We have a Generac and UPS, unfortunately Spectrum is on the same power loop as us and they do not. So, here's a flow chart:

dual router map

I have many things on my existing router (Nighthawk R7000), all hard-coded IPs that I don't want to go through configging again. It doesn't seem like I had much trouble getting it up and running but that was a couple years ago.

I know literally nothing about binding adapters nor picking subnets which is prolly why my connections aren't working. I also realize some things may need to be done in a specific order but not the order?

Is there a "wizard" pkg I can DL and install?



I would set up the Pi as a standalone device that gives (routed) access to the Internet from its single LAN port through a cell phone either USB tethered or wifi client of the hotspot in the phone.

Then in case of failure of the Spectrum internet, unplug the wan port of Existing Router from the cable modem and plug it into the Pi/phone contraption. Existing Router should detect loss of Ethernet carrier on its WAN port and load up the new network when the Pi is connected. If it does not, you may need to reboot it.

One thing to watch out for is that the Pi's LAN cannot be the same IP range as the Existing Router uses.


I can propose another solution, but it involves buying new hardware...

Make your main router OpenWrt. Your R7000 is supported by OpenWrt, but the wifi performance would be terrible.

So... you could buy another device to use as a dumb AP and install OpenWrt on the R7000 which would be used as a wired router only. Because you have USB port on the R7000, it would allow USB tethering from your phone.

Alternatively, you could get another device that has better performance than the Pi3 and possibly better wifi support (on OpenWrt) and make your R7000 a dumb AP (or retire it if the wifi on a new router is as good or better).

The idea is that having all the routing functions on a single router will make things much easier. And since the Pi3 is not going to give you particularly great performance, you should try to avoid using it as part of your main routing if you can.

Googling shows:

Blockquote There are three private IP address ranges: class A, class B, and class C . Class A ranges from to, while class B ranges from to, and class C ranges from to

The 10.x.x.x range is in use by my VPN, so I'd like to set my PI up for the 172.2x.0.0 range just SO I can keep my confusion to a minimum. I have screen-pic'ed my existing router's Internet setup page, it shows:

  • Does Your Internet Connection Require a Logon: NO
  • Internet IP address: Get Dynamically from ISP
  • Domain Name Server (DNS) Address: Get Automatically from ISP
  • Router MAC Address: Use Default Address

I'll assume these options will be available and the same in OpenWrt on the PI when my USB->LAN cable gets here for setting up the Spectrum.

Would you think swapping the R7000 WAN's connection from Spectrum modem to PI device would work with these same settings as long as the PI supplies the IP and DNS?

Still can't figure why the PI WiFi is not working, although I may not need it if the USB tethering works...


@ psherman

I've been kinda fixated on using this PI (it's just sitting here collecting dust) since finding out about OpenWrt. So far I've only spent $11 for the USB->LAN adapter. The last router I tried non-factory flashing (ddrt?) ended up bricked, so if I can make do with what I've got...

This would mainly be for internet access during hurricane outages, which have ranged from 2 days to 14 days, although we've had several over the past few months lasting from 4 hrs to 25 hrs. Wrecks, wind damage, faulty equipment, who knows?



So some other thoughts based on this...

  1. Assuming it is just certain critical devices (like your computer and a few other devices) that need connectivity under these circumstances, maybe just simple run the hotspot from your phone and don't worry aobut the rest... that is sufficient if your devices are all within reasonable proximity of your phone and as long as they are easy to swtich over to the hotspot (this would be much more tedius if you've got a bunch of IoT devices and the like or you have a large floorplan that needs coverage, but should be trivial if it's just a few normal user devices).

  2. If you do need the 'infrastructure' type configuration of your normal router's wifi, use @mk24's suggestion... should be simple enough and sufficient for the emergency situations.

Because of the limited performance of the Pi3, I would not recommend using it as a permanent addition to the network infrastructure with the Spectrum connection passing through it.

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Well, over the past couple days I have managed to regress to the point where I cannot connect from PI to the internet through my laptop's LAN. I've reloaded from the stock imagefile and started from scratch. I'm thinking it's something in my 'puter, as I show no internet on the LAN. At one point I could ping outside, refresh the software catalog, and install drivers. No connection now.

My PI is forced to which is in the range of my main router. Puter LAN is on DHCP and getting, main router is I've tried bridging my puter's LAN and WiFi (, no internet at all even though the map shows valid connections.

Prolly something simple - like me...


OK, ok, I'm done with Pi. Had to give it a try, but time to move on. I'm looking at a GL.iNet GL-AX1800 as a replacement router. GL's site shows the interface is set up to run at 192.168.8.xxx, will this communicate with all of my current WiFi devices that are on 168.1.1.xxx? Or I can (should?) reset it to the current router's IP of during setup...