What I learned from configuring vxlan over Wifi

  1. This Wds vs gre vs vxlan for multipoint trunk over wifi links has most basics, but one still needs a trunk /etc/config/network interface and the corresponding setting in /etc/config/wireless.

  2. A firewall rule permitting LAN-to-LAN UDP to the vxlan port # of choice (configured under the "vxlan" in /etc/config/network) is required, in my experience. I configured it as a precaution, got vxlan working over wifi between two Openwrt, took it away thinking it's not needed since it's lan-to-lan, then found out it is.

  3. There is no need of "option layer '2'" for the alias interface for vxlan0 mentioned in https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/tunneling_interface_protocols#vxlan_example_configuration