What Happened to the Kong Thread

The page forum.openwrt.org/t/kong-ipq806x-builds is reporting doesn't exist or is private. I've been able to access it before last Monday. What happened to the kong thread?

It has been removed upon request of the user who created it.

I noticed it's gone too, the last few posts were getting a bit critical of the build and ended up with blunt responses being given, then it went offline...

I'm sure Kongs repo will still be up to download from though.

Repo still up with a 12/12 build


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That’s unfortunate. Any concerns with starting a new constructive thread to discuss the build?

Who's to say it won't end up like the first thread?

Honestly, I found the old thread already a bit strange, discussing a "community build" where the creator is not part of the community and not taking part in the discussion.


Still, there was some interesting discussion in that thread about changes that were made to improve performance. Shame to lose that.

Sorry to say but to me... Community builds that improve performance and doesn't try to merge this improvement to main code are not good for the project. It's against the openness of the project I think ..


I was more talking about losing the discussion about what they were. I hate seeing information just disappear.

Assuming that "Kong" adhered to the requirements of the GPL, then all the GPL-impacted changes should be present in his source and is not "lost". It does appear that there are some sources available at https://www.desipro.de/openwrt/

Even if the original thread was requested to be removed, it would still be nice to have it closed instead of deleted. This move is anti-community and anti-consumer.



down-under... we have to pay for something to make such a claim...

community builds are only as good as the people that support them... if the said thread had practically no linkages to it's creator... then I share @tmomas 's view that it was weird ... ( and does justify removal )

contribute and post in mainstream threads that discuss mainstream code or take your chances with whoever is the creator of said community build.

we are very lucky to have some quality contributors, and personally, so long as;

  • not commercialised
  • not click-bait > offsite focused
  • key code modifications are available

i have no issues with code not being "upstreamed" if the above conditions prevail... although I agree with the philosophy.... the practically of seeing it through / investing the time / skills / politics... is just not feasible for many.


The threadstarter was very clear in his request for topic removal. He even changed the topic from "KONG ipq806x builds" to "flagged to remove" and removed the starting post by himself.

The anti-* thing was a little hint to a different community out there, more AMD/Intel related.

Damn. Well, if it was that direct, OK. I'd still have liked to have seen a retained, closed, non-deleted. thread. With "modern" forum software such as this, it might not be salvagable at all, not even via wayback machine.

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Time to experiment with other builds then.

Hmm, I'm super happy with KONGs/desipro's build, and it seems like he's still updating it.

I'll stay with it as long as I can.

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I have three r7800's (two APs and one gateway) running Kong's most recent build (12/12) for a house full of IoT devices and several desktops. The whole system is far more responsive on these Kong OpenWRT builds than it was on the DDWRT builds. DDWRT had begun to feel sluggish - maybe bloated with unresolved problems.

His narrow focus on these routers is paying off.
I'm sticking with Kong's builds as long as he makes them available.


seems that Kong has uploaded a new version 17/12 happy to see him continuing his Good work!!

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Anyone using Material theme and the Kong 12/17 build , they don't jive.. Luci goes totally blank so I had to uninstall Material.