What happend to LuCI's old login page?


After updating OpenWRT, I saw that the usual login page was changed.
The new minimal login page is so misleading it made me think for a second that I was under a phishing attack.

Old one and new one:

Evolution happened ?

you can always downgrade ?

The new login page seems to need new changes a little bit. Just wanted to give feedback, that's all.

What's misleading about it?

Such as?

As I mentioned above, I thought for a second that the changed login page was a phishing scam. There is nothing in the content of the login page to indicate its affiliation with the OpenWRT router. Just a simple password field.

At the bottom of the login page, the LuCI version details, at the top banner the "router hostname" can be written as before.

I recall this being listed in updates for version 21.

The router hostname is still in the page title with the word "LuCI". What issue are you experiencing?