What happend to "accept_ra" and "ip6slaac"?

So accept_ra is removed as an config option from /etc/config/network since 9a62439c282490622d5817f3464b1870e9f1b87c (Fri Feb 1 12:28:39 2013 +0000)?
Any more details about the intention back in the days?

In 3abc91552264757680134b2be9f2f870c77aabcc (Tue Apr 9 12:12:30 2013 +0000) I see that once upon a time there was also ip6slaac available. What happened here?

As I got it somehow working, I assume, for an slaac-only interface configuration, I have to do

        option  proto           'dhcpv6'
        option  reqaddress      'none'
        option  reqprefix       'no'
        option  noslaaconly     '0'

This is somehow not quiet clear from the wiki and also am I confused why a user "needs" to configure slaac via the dhcpv6 proto....

The following one achieves the same result but is on the same level of confusion:

        option  proto           'none'
        option  auto            '1'
        option  force_link      '1'
        option  ip6assign       '64'

I'm also under the impression that the user needs to set net.ipv6.conf.eth0.accept_ra=2 because I could not find any reference that OpenWRT supports this any longer (Read as: Applying net.ipv6.conf.eth0.accept_ra=2 for the user because of some wrapper settings).

Thanks for any pointers and hits.

PS: Yes the interface config from above is on an interface where a router on the other side sends RA.
PPS: I used git log -p -S 'accept_ra' and git log -p -S 'ip6slaac', if there is another good way please let me know!
PPPS: Nah, I'm still not quiet sure what I really want to achieve, I'm just playing around.

Could someone at least confirm that's the way to configure slaac only on an interface? Searching for accept_ra here in the forum gave me the impression that proto dhcpv6 is the "official" way and I am not the first one who gets confused from it...