What future service release to fix sit: non-ECT from error?

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Do you know how v18.06.0 is stable? I can't use 17.01.5, because there is a major bug in the upstream kernel that is not merged into in 17.01.5 and the error does not exist 17.01.4, so I am thinking I try switching to use v18.06.0

This is my error and my DNS does't work with 17.01.5 Linksys WRT:

Do you know how many people using it? Is it worth using it? Is it already kind of stable? Or just wait until the real stable v18?

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This is not a minor service release, but a new major release.

You have asked this question several times now. Nothing has changed since yesterday when you got the answers last time in OpenWrt/LEDE v18.06.0 service release

Yes, the release 18.06.0 is stable.

But no, it does not contain the fixed upstream kernel 4.9.112+ that fixes your problem. That has not changed since yesterday.

What is "real stable" v18 ? This is quite stable but contains a bug that affects you.

18.06.1 service release might come in September or October and should contain the fix for you.


Hello, sorry, just they closed my topic because about rc2, but it is still existing bug, so kept open, if there is new release like 18.01.1

You shouldn't be surprised that such an unspecific topic (related to RC2) is getting closed. If you have a specific question (which you seem to have), make it clear in the topic.

Ok, i made the topic more clear. Thanks.

Made topic even more clear.

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Very thank you.

I think 18.06.1 works with it in the future release. For LEDE 17.01.5 or 18.06.0, if you have OpenVpn or IPv4 to IPv6 tunnel, you can't work with your router anymore.

@hnyman do you know if this openwrt 18.06.1 is working with this sit: non-ECT error?

I have not tested that functionality.
But you can easily see which kernel version is included there, so the upstream fix should be included right?

ok thanks , i just build it, i hope it will be right now.