What file/files to modify to get luci-app-statistics to display min and max values on plots

What file/files need to be modified (and how) to get luci-app-statistics to display Min and Max values on plots? Currently, only Avg and Last are displayed. Thanks.

@hnyman ?

AFAIK, one option should be changed in the config file...

The default is to have only Average RRAs.


I see it now... will unselecting that option break things? I did uncheck it and now I have no image plots at all.

You probably need to stop collectd, delete all old data from /tmp/rrd, and then restart collectd (EDIT: by restarting luci_statistics, so that the new values from luci_statistics config file get applied).

changing that option modifies the database structure, so the old database contains wrong type of data.

(I haven't tested that for ages)


Just stop collectd, edit the config file, remove old data, and restart luci_statistics.


Thank you, it is working as expected.

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