What exactly does a "tiny" snapshot contain?

I'm currently running the latest stable release for the TL-WR740N v4. But I like beta development and wanted to try a snapshot. I know that "generic" snapshots do not contain the web interface, so what's the difference between them for "tiny" snapshots?

The tiny target is a target that has been created for ar71xx devices with 4 MB flash, so they can keep running newer OpenWrt releases. A few nuts and bolts have been taken out to lower the on-flash footprint.

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Is there a definitive list of what is in the tiny snapshot?
And what is the implication for a release? ie will Luci still be included in a 'tiny release' or will it be command line only?

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The manifest file (at the bottom of the download page, or in your bin directory if you build yourself) shows the packages that are packed in. There will be slight differences from model to model for example Ethernet switch drivers.

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I noticed that on the generic snapshots page there is no build for the
TL-WR740N, so does it mean that the builds would be larger than 4MB and
therefore not made available?
On the tiny snapshots page there are builds available. But just like
generic snapshots, is there no web interface by default?

The 4 MB models have been moved out of the generic class to tiny.

No snapshot build includes the web interface.

When you're trying to do anything special within 4 MB flash you will probably want to build from source or use Image Builder.