What does the "Use builtin IPv6-management" checkbox do?

In the advanced settings of each network interface, I see a checkbox titled "Use builtin IPv6-management" that is enabled by default. If disabled, it adds option delegate '0' to the configuration of that interface in /etc/config/network. What effect does this setting have?

I think it controls prefix delegation if the interface has IPv6 connectivity and provides a prefix, usually when using DHCPv6.


As per @lleachii, please see their response for a more comprehensive explanation.

I was about to make a thread on this when I decided to search for more terms related to this.

This is not accurate, in fact the opposite is true when you mentioned DHCPv6. I just came across this looking over my network interfaces. I have an interface using only SLAAC (Router Advertisement-Service in "server mode" with the remaining disabled); and I just discovered that the Interface had the setting option delegate '0' set. I first thought exactly what you said; and somehow I thought I setup IPv6 for a server (which severely needs it!!!)...but I was afraid that I forgot to test and that it may not be working. :bulb:

So I proceeded to:

  • On the router run: ip -6 neigh | grep eth0.x :sweat_smile: (working!!!)
  • SSH to server and run ip -6 addr :sweat_smile: (working!!!)

I appreciate the link to the Wiki. I was also searching for this; but it seems I improperly searched in /etc/config/network - related pages (my Search Fu has been horrible this week...well guess I'm improving...lol).

So, the link says:

Name Type Required Default Description
delegate boolean no 1 Whether to enable prefix delegation in case of DS-Lite/map/464xlat


  • IPv6 dual-stack lite
  • Mapping of Address and Port
  • 464xlat

These are all technologies that uses one IP version to convey the other across networks.

I hope this helps.


I think they should either add a help message to the GUI with a more human description like yours or just copy the wiki definition of delegate. And possibly rename the GUI option name to something that more accurately describes its intended function.

Thanks for correcting me and clarifying with your findings and information!


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