What does the bootloader do to firmware

Today,I compiled a 16M firmware to TP_LINK RE455v1 which the flash had been changed from 8M to 16M.
It seems that the partition table in Openwrt is nothing about the one in the flash,which mtd block named partition-table, base 0x22000 size 0x02000.
The settings to connect to the serial are different between uboot and firmware.
So I feel the uboot is only used to find the offset of firmware and boot it.
Is it right or what does the uboot do to the firmware,like transfer variables ,env or something else?

On most devices (i.e. recent targets like ath79, realtek, ipq40xx ...), the hardware is fully described in the device .dts, including partition table and serial settings. AFAIK this decision was made due to the incomplete and unpredictable bootloader settings that vendors make.
AFAIK, there is no partition table parser for TP-Link devices, so this partition (partition-table) is completely ignored. This might have changed since I last worked with TP-Link devices (two years or so).


Thanks for reply

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