What Commercial Routers Are Based on OpenWrt?

Is there a list anywhere, or can anyone tell me, what commercial routers use OpenWrt either openly or beneath a custom UI? I was surprised to see my Linksys WRT32X was running it when I first got it (now on one of davidc502's builds) and I believe the Ubiquiti Amplifi HD mesh boxes may also use it.

The reason I ask is that I'm trying to diagnose a problem with an interaction between miniupnpd on OpenWrt and Plex Media Server and wanted to know what other routers may be affected if the user hadn't consciously reflashed to OpenWrt.

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Turris Omnia


All the gl-inet routers.


Nothing obvious on the GL.iNet boards -- https://forum.gl-inet.com/search?q=plex

Thanks guys, I honestly wouldn't expect ppl to be posting in router forums just yet (but here I am!), we've only just identified the problem with Plex recently.

From: https://github.com/openwrt/packages/blob/openwrt-18.06/net/miniupnpd/Makefile

PKG_MAINTAINER:=Kevin Darbyshire-Bryant <ldir@darbyshire-bryant.me.uk>

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Just had a report back from another user on the Plex forums that they're seeing the same issue with miniupnpd running on a homebrew Debian router. So it's good to see that a) the problem isn't specific to OpenWrt (and derivative firmware) routers and b) it's definitely an issue with miniupnpd.


And just to tie things up, it looks like the issue is fixed (for me, at least; waiting to hear from other users) in the build (currently in beta) of Plex Media Server. Reading between the lines, the devs tracked it down to something to do with an interaction between a miniupnpd instance on the LAN and the SSDP libraries on the server PMS was running on.

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In answer to the original question: The IQrouter from Evenroute.com is a re-skinned OpenWrt that adds automatic configuration of the SQM to keep latency low. Well worth the price for your family/friends where you are the go-to support person.


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