What cheap low power OVPN for 10MBps?


Also, if you go the Orange Pi Zero route I strongly recommend a heatsink (all models) and I strongly recommend against the expansion board (specific to the H5 model) which adds 2 additional USB ports.


@jdjon I think your question may have been about how to route using only one Ethernet port. The answer is you need a managed switch and vlans. That's actually how lots of consumer routers work too it's just a built in switch instead of separate


USB NIC might work too, if you don't need the port(s) for WiFi. It's not like you'll be able to hit line speed of a gigabit NIC anyway with OpenVPN/Wireguard on such a setup. Of course if you already have a managed switch or another OpenWRT router in the mix a VLAN might be simpler in terms of hardware.


I own a WRT32X router with @davidc502 builds and the OpenVPN speeds are rather fast.

I use NordVPN and on good days, I get 105Mbps Download and Upload at best, if it overheats (I live in a tropical country), then maybe around 40Mbps, but your mileage may vary. :smiley:


Thanks for all the suggestions! Compared too many of those boards, my eyes hurt :slight_smile:

I think I might try the orange PC 2 H5. Can anyone confirm if like the zero 2 H5 the PC 2 H5 has AES support in openwrt?


It doesn't, also OpenWrt does not currenly do any kind of cpu frequency and voltage adjustments so you'll need active cooling


odroid has a new intel based device with a couple of realtek nics; bit in the hens teeth (as rare as) area right now though.


WolfSSL library support HW acceleration on ARMv8 architecture (H5 has Cortex A53 cores) so maybe it would be possible...


with this https://github.com/znuh/frivpn you can get >64 mbps (8MB/s) with rpi3 or odroid-xu4 (50$)