What better LEDE version with SQM for old router?

Hello friends, how are you ? I'm having a question, do I need the router to only run the PPPoE + SQM (for games) function, based on this, which LEDE firmware do you recommend for my TP LINK WR741ND v1? 14.07? 15? 17.1 ' 18.6 & quot; Remembering that my router has only 4 mb of flash and I need to install SQM, it's the only function I need to install.

Your router is too old and too underpowered to run SQM at any meaningful rates. A 400 MHz MIPS SoC with only 4 MB of flash and 32 MB of RAM. 100BASE-T Ethernet ports. "It's dead, Jim." A machine with twice the clock rate and 128 MB of RAM can barely handle 100-200 Mbps with SQM without the overhead of PPPOE on top of that. You've got bigger problems with that unit for gaming than just getting SQM to run.

Anything prior to v17 is known insecure and unsupported. v17 will likely be out of active support shortly. v18 is the only version that I can recommend.


you can try:

Thanks jeff for the feedback, it really is .. if WR741ND is unable to handle sqm, better buy another router. DD-WRT use currently with QoS in HTB and cpu usage gets extremely low, almost insignificant, I think for this router only DD-WRT that looks good.

Then I try the full version, the lite did not work for me, I did not find out the reason.

You tell me that with DD-WRT if you can connect through the PPPoE protocol; DD-WRT and OpenWrt do not have much difference both Linux-based distros only change certain modules or packages and the interface in addition to DD-WRT uses a kernel 3.0 and OpenWrt is already in version 4.4 onwards.

I want to rule out possible problems:
Poor physical connection (LAN to WAN cables, etc)
Your username and password provided by your ISP you enter it incorrectly.

The configuration of the D-Link DSL2730R in bridge mode looks simple:

captura_2 captura_3 captura_4 captura_5

In the configuration of the PPPoE protocol, place DNS different from those assigned by your ISP, (often cause connection problems) use one of this list
Free and Public DNS Servers


I leave you some tutorials
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D-Link DIR-885L LEDE/OpenWRT (Part 1) - Flash & Setup UniFiD-Link DIR-885L LEDE/OpenWRT (Part 2) - Setup SQM & Wireless, Bufferbloat/Jitter/Ping Tests

I am a newbie in OpenWrt and they were very helpful

Thanks for the help xhaka, you are the best. But I did all these settings, and nothing worked: /. Is there another way to configure for the router to run sqm for all devices, other than bridge mode (dlink2730r), maybe dlink2730r in PPoE + wr741nd in another configuration? dhcp client? this way I would lose the sqm function of the router?

Ps: I do not mind using the dlink2730r modem as PPPoE.