What are the Max Wifi Speeds for 2.4Ghz on Acher C7 & A7

Hi Everyone

I have been trying to use a C7 V2 And a A7 V5 with open wrt but I can't get the 2.4 wifi speeds above 16-20 Mbps down. Although I am getting close to 60 Mbps up. Is that the maximum download speed I can get on openwrt with these devices? I was hoping for something a little bit more since I was hoping to make a mesh with 5ghz as the mesh side.

I have tested from multiple distances.
Routers are on 20mhz.
WMM Mode is enabled.
SQM is enabled and set with the max speeds for my internet plan.

Thanks in advance for any advice or insight based on your experience.

802.11n (which is the maximum for your 2.4 GHz radio) with 2x2 and HT40 would amount to a theoretical link rate of 300 MBit/s. With HT20 (which is all you realistically can expect in practice, unless you're quite literally living in the sticks) that gets halved to 150 MBit/s theoretical link rate. The effective throughput (compared to the theoretical link rate) tends to be roughly half of that, so at best, under ideal conditions, at short range and with little interference from your neighbours, you might achieve 60-80 MBit/s.

EDIT: all this assumes AP and Client both being able to use 2x2 (two antennas), low-end/ cheap clients however may only have one antenna (1x1), halving that again to ~30-40 MBit/s.

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