What and where to buy router with latest OpenWrt

My Plusnet Hub one router packed in, lights are on but nothing happens at all so it's binned. I've read various options about the best router, but where can I buy a good router in the UK with the latest OpenWrt preinstalled?
New recommendations for what router is appreciated as well.
Thanks in advance

no router bought in a store will have openwrt preinstalled ...

what are the requirements? wifi? gigabit routing capability ?


I don't have any specific requirements, as long as it works with fibre broadband, which is pretty standard. Gigabit is beneficial, wifi is not an issue as I have a NetGear AP so I'll be disabling wifi on the router.
The only thing I need is a reliable box as I work at home.
I'm not a complicated person :slight_smile:

Used CR/15/25/35/(W)ING on UK eBay.

I see a single Belkin RT 3200 listed on amazon.co.uk, sold by Amazon itself.

Be aware that there is nothing "standard" about "fibre broadband" by the term alone - as it doesn't imply what WAN speeds to expect (and anything above 150-300 MBit/s matters a lot for giving advice), nor what your ISP's intricacies are vs ONT, VDSL/ g.fast transition methods or how you expect to handle your (presumably VoIP/ SIP-) phone needs.

and ISPs calling fttc 'fibre' don't really help either.


afaik that is essentially a rebadged BT home hub 5. I have a pair of them sat on a shelf with an older OpenWrt build on them if you stuck for finding a flashed replacement. They will do fibre via a WAN port and VDSL via the onboard modem. Its only dual core and 128mb ram but its adequate for what it does.

I bought an R4S to replace the hub 5 and a separate wifi system.

Best case, it will have an ancient version that has been heavily modified.

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if we're including the raped version by manufacturer/chip maker, then it's the opposite, pretty much all of them will have it installed :wink:
it doesn't however guarantee compatibility with "real" openwrt.


not worth it, since you can get a gbit capable device for < $35 on ebay.

I think you're right @eduperez , preinstalled devices will have older versions installed.

If anyone has a Plusnet hub 1/2, or other decent router with Openwrt 22.x installed, give me a shout.

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x86, you can install whatever you like on it/them, openwrt included.

you already received the cheapest opition for a wired only device.

What is the actual concern, when asking for preinstalled?

Hoping for a setup timesaver? less concerned of bricking? less complex installation procedures? Hoping for better supported drivers?

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I'm a beginner at Openwrt and with 1 failed upgrade and non-responsive under my belt, I thought I would get a new router and learn a lot more about it before trying a flash myself.
I appreciate the help so far.

And the light went on ;-). So actually you need a less brickable beginner-friendly router.
Not sure, what you had before.

  • look for routers with SD cards, you can rewrite them on your PC, if failed) - x86, Pi& Pi clones
  • look for routers with additional emergency recovery boot partition - e.g. most D-link routers like dir-1960/2660
  • look for dual partition devices
  • look for tftp recovery supporting devices - I guest most TP Link?

the table of hardware has hints about what type of recovery procedure a certain device has.

(maybe someone else has more recommendations on recoverability)


Thanks, great suggestions there. once I've learned a bit more I'll maybe get a router with an SD card to practice, good idea that!

NanoPi or OrangePi routers are good for that. Please don't use Raspberry Pis. They only have one LAN/WAN port and you have to use a USB lan adaptor.

Get a true twin port router instead. Its less hassle in long run.


to be fair. those Hub5's are NOT the easiest to get into to flash them. Nor is it easy to get at the solder points.

I've done a pair of them and it was pain getting the cover off them. Also if you hold boot_sel down for too long you can kill the rom.

Preflashed for a beginner is defiantly easier. There are some who sell them on eBay.

SdCard based routers are a much easier way to go.

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So far, the premise of the thread is buying a router with the latest OpenWrt. There is no such beast. I would suggest the OP instead look for a router that is easy to flash.

That category contains some routers that come with older versions of OpenWrt. In general Cudy routers are in that category. On the other end of the spectrum the latest Xiaomi 4A has been found to be running an older verion of OpenWrt but it is a b***h to flash.