What additional package is needed for dscp to work in luci-app-https-dns-proxy?

Hi all !
As far as I noticed, the dscp function in https-dns-proxy does not work and perhaps you need to install an additional kmod, but I don’t know which one, tell me who is in the subject ?

installed these packages at random
result is zero

or maybe there is an option to ignore the nxdomain response from the first dns ?
the fact is that the dns with the lower ping is always the first to respond, and the second one, which has a higher ping, simply does not have time to respond.

Remove the faster DNS all together?

I have nextdns and opennic and would like to somehow make them work together

Do you have any sort of QoS/SQM running on your router?

the dscp function does not work, and I don’t know how to discard the nxdomain response from nextdns.
I don’t have QoS/SQM and I don’t really want to install it, there’s no room left

Well then why do you expect dscp to do anything?

I'm not expecting, I'm just asking

that is, for dscp to work, it is enough to install QoS or SQM? and you don’t even have to enable SQM, should dscp work ?
or just install the necessary packages so as not to install QoS or SQM, I won’t use them anyway

If you don't have anything set up on your router to prioritise traffic based on the dscp mark then I again have to ask why you would expect putting dscp marks on traffic would have any effect?

Perhaps it'd be better if you went away and actually did some reading about the purpose of dscp and how it can be used in Openwrt. There's plenty of threads that discuss setting up prioritisation using it.

You'd also do well to consider why you think it'd make any difference to a DNS server returning a 'nxdomain' response and that being used by the router.

Offer to read manuals in which not every professor will understand, for me it will take years, this is not an option

Well given it's you who will need to set it up on your router then it's the only option I'm afraid. Don't want to put the time in then do without, it's that simple.

but there is always a chance that some good person will tell
This is why forums have been created to exchange information

They already have. There's plenty of threads available that are all about setting up QoS/SQM and using dscp. You just need to go look at them.

and you never answered the questions that I wrote to you above, you just ignored my question and started talking about manuals :slight_smile:
I can answer that way myself, just read the instructions :slight_smile:

I thought it'd be fairly obvious that being asked if you have QoS/SQM set up and why you'd expect dscp marks to do anything if not meant you need QoS/SQM. But if not, and for removal of all doubt, you need to set up QoS/SQM.

Would be nice if you occasionally did that before posting here...

I don't know what is obvious and what is not. I don’t know and I ask, and if I know, I’ll always tell you and won’t tell you to read the manuals. This conversation is over.


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First of all, very wrong forum, this should be moved to "Installing and Using OpenWrt" if you failed to locate the support thread for https-dns-proxy which is linked from the README where you should have posted.

Secondly, please provide in excruciating detail, what did you do with regard to https-dns-proxy configs, provide information requested in the Getting Help section of the README and provide information on what and how do you test for non-working functionality and how do you expect it to work.