What about LTS Kernel 5.10?

Since yesterday the LTS kernel 5.10 is available and I wanted to ask if in the near future this kernel will be used in the snapshot releases?

There will be a kernel version bump to this lts after the upcoming release 20.12 or 21.x will be branched from master/snapshot.


If you're antsy, and feeling adventurous, one of the developers already has early 5.10 support in his tree.

Looks like it's official: https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/commit/b10d6044599d8c1fa7fbb2374bcbf30118d39db1#diff-c0d96d95c4a0aecb3329c33b4cb34434bd25fee163d628996519faee138be788

think transition to kernel 5.10 will be fast in master

People seem to have been sitting on their 5.10 patches :laughing:

honestly in my case i was just waiting for the 5.10 generic patches to get pushed in master... i think it was the same for the other devs too hahahah