WG1608 Information on firmware

hi to every one I'm new ando not so expert, i purchased a gigabit 1200 m model wg 1608 European version i think it has a QUECTEL RM520N module

trying to configure i think i bricked and i' m being tying to reload the firmware. i tried the * ROOter firmware but the connection is slow and unstable can you help me? where i can download the last version for it?

You should ask your questions in the rooter user support/forums. Rooter is originally based on openwrt, but is quite different and requires help from people who are very familiar with that firmware.


or install openwrt - https://git.openwrt.org/?p=openwrt/openwrt.git;a=commit;h=2876f7534fe84f047f02bdda2886a9aeedbb8e76


frollic i went on the link and i'm a little lost
i know how to install ta new immage firmware on the router but o the link i don't see anything to download

I would download an install the original firmware do you know where i can download it?


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thank you i see two downloads one is a upgrade can i ask you whati is for?

upgrading from earlier versions, and in your case, also installing.

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i did it! but i couldn't find out how to activate the 4/5 g module please can you tel me how
i noticed that the software is a bit different of the one i found on the original

the modem support needs to be added post install, the default image doesn't ship with it.

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wow how i do that? please can you explain simple i'm not expert and English is not my language ...