WG VPN on repeater not on host network


I am using an old router as a repeater, with wireguard VPN installed and working. The host network does not have any VPN connection, and I am wondering if this might make the repeaters connection less secure/anonymous? I have noticed that using a VPN from the same VPN-provider on my phone with cellphone service gives me greater access to blocked sites by my ISP/country than with VPN generated through the repeater. Do you know if the difference has anything to do with the router being set up as a repeater or any other type of setting like e.g DNS choice or etc?

Thanks in advance

If you've setup a device as a repeater, the hosts on the network may not actually ever use the VPN unless you have done one of the following:

  1. created a unique routed network that is specifically setup to use the VPN
  2. configured the network hosts to explicitly use the VPN router as its gateway (this is often a more complex/manual process)
  3. configured the DHCP server to specify the VPN device as the gateway.

If you haven't done at least one of those things, chances are that your devices are not actually using the VPN as configured on your repeater-router device.


To add, even if you are routing through the VPN you have to take special care that your DNS queries are also routed via the VPN as websites not only check the origin of your IP address but also the origin of the DNS query (aka a DNS leak).

So test with ipleak.net and/or dnsleaktest.com , ipleak.net also looks for webRTC leaks.